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LACQUER At Home Gel Removal Kit
LACQUER At Home Gel Removal Kit
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LACQUER At Home Gel Removal Kit

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Everything you need to do your own gel removal (or dip powder) removal at home! Kit contains:
  • 100/180 grit nail file (for breaking the seal & shaping nails) + 180/240 grit file for finishing
  • Mini buffer
  • Birchwood stick (to use as pusher)
  • 10 pre-cut foils
  • Cotton
  • Mini organic cuticle oil (Dadi' oil)


  1. Get a paper towel and create a workspace for yourself
  2. Set out all items: tear cotton into small pieces and place on each foil (set out all 10 of your foils)
  3. Open nail file and use "rougher" side to gently buff your nail to break the seal, allowing the acetone to more easily penetrate the nail coating. If you are wearing dip powder, you'll need to spend more time on this step (if your nails are long and you want to cut them, do this now - having that exposed edge will also help the acetone penetrate the nail coating and make soak off removal go faster). 
  4. Soak cotton with enough acetone to make it wet - not too much though, you don't want to see a pool of acetone, just enough to soak the cotton.
  5. Place cotton on nail and make sure it wraps around the top of the nail. Wrap with foil as tightly as you can. You will need to do one hand at a time so you have a free hand available at all times.
  6. Let nails soak for about 15 minutes (10 minutes if you are wearing Shellac, 15 if you have on OPI or any other brand, 25 minutes if you have on dip powder)
  7. Unwrap ONE test nail to see what it looks like - you can take your birchwood stick and lightly push the coating and see how easily it comes off. If not all is coming off, re-wrap and let soak for 5 minutes longer.
  8. Once the coating is ready to come off, gently push off of all nails. You can use the mini buffer to buff any minor remnants off of the nail and use the nail file to soften any sharp edges (especially important if you cut your nails).
  9. Repeat these steps on the other hand.
  10. When finished, add cuticle oil and rub into the nail bed and surrounding skin. Repeat this step 2-3x per day, daily until you run out of the oil. 

Email us at if you have any questions! We are here to help. XO

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