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DIY At Home

We've made it easier to Do-It-Yourself at home! Each kit comes with instructions. Our recommendations:

  • Damaged Nails: Gel Removal and/or Mani Kit + Mend Oil (apply daily)
  • Weak Nails: Gel Removal and/or Mani Kit + MAXUS Nail Strengthener
  • Damaged + Weak Nails: Gel Removal and/or Mani Kit + Mend Oil + MAXUS Nail Strengthener 2.0 (week one: mend oil only on nails - apply daily, week two: wear MAXUS Nail Strengthener, then alternate - one week with applying oil only, one week with nail strengthener for as long as you can stand it!)
  • Normal Nails: Gel Removal and/or Mani Kit + Dadi' Oil  - apply oil daily
  • Dry Nails/Skin: Gel Removal and/or Mani Kit + Dadi' Oil + Dadi' Lotion - apply oil daily underneath lotion. Lotion is a great barrier for frequent hand washing.

Note: all Gel Removal, Mani & Pedi kits come with a mini sized Dadi' oil (1/8 oz) - we recommend adding on a larger size for prolonged use. Pedicure kits come with a mini sized Dadi' Scrub for exfoliating dead skin. Enough for 2x uses.

The manufacturer of Mend Oil and Ultra Polish Mini Kits will not allow us to display and sell their products in our online store, but they will allow us to sell them via email/private message. If you are interested in purchasing, please DM us on Instagram @ilovelacquer or email us at and we will send you an invoice & ship those items to you.