NEW IBX Nail Restoration Manicure $60

This manicure is for damaged, peeling, thin or brittle nails. Nails are treated with IBX Repair & Strengthening treatment to instantly repair nail damage and toughen the upper layers of the nail plate. Then IBX Boost is applied, which is a new treatment from IBX that is designed to add an extra layer of protection and strength. This manicure includes regular or clear polish (no gel). Consult with your nail specialist to see when you might be ready to add gel to this mani.

For a limited time we are offering a series for 4 IBX Nail Restoration Manicures for the price of 3. Offer good until February 28, 2018. Series expires 1 year after first use. LEARN MORE

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IBX Nail Restoration

Includes IBX Repair & Strengthening treatment AND IBX Boost, which is a new product that provides an added layer of strength and protection to help restore nails to their natural beauty.



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