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Welcome to LACQUER! All of the services on our menu are soakless (we use hot towels instead of soaking in water) which is the cleanest and safest method for nail care. We take pride in being an ethical beauty provider, in addition to being safer salon focused on sanitation, cleanliness and results. It continues to be our goal to be the safest nail salon in town, while offering the best products and services. Our safe salon and ethical employer status is reflected in our menu prices.

All customers will be required to wear a mask during services due to COVID-19 guidelines from TDLR. Masks will be available for purchase if you do not have your own.


Our most pampering service with detailed hand and foot care. Warm towel cleanse, gentle exfoliation, masque with warm towel wrap, nail shaping, cuticle care, responsible callus smoothing (pedi), and a longer, soothing massage.

Signature Manicure

  • $75 gel or ultra polish - 55 minutes
  • $57 regular polish or buff - 40 minutes
  • $42 naked - 25 minutes

Signature Pedicure

  • $95 gel or ultra polish - 70 minutes
  • $75 regular polish or buff - 55 minutes
  • $60 naked - 40 minutes

Essential nail care needs. Warm towel cleanse, nail shaping, cuticle care, responsible callus smoothing (pedi) and abbreviated massage.

Essential Manicure

  • $58 gel or ultra polish - 45 minutes
  • $40 regular polish or buff - 30 minutes
  • $30 naked - 20 minutes

Essential Pedicure

  • $80 gel or ultra polish - 55 minutes
  • $60 regular polish or buff - 40 minutes
  • $45 naked - 30 minutes

No-frills for those on the go. Nail trimming & shaping, light cuticle care and moisturizer application. Does not include callus smoothing (pedi).


  • $53 gel or ultra polish - 40 minutes
  • $35 regular polish or buff - 25 minutes
  • $25 naked – 15 minutes


  • $70 gel or ultra polish - 45 minutes
  • $50 regular polish or buff - 30 minutes
  • $35 naked - 20 minutes

OR CALL (512) 345-3480

DID YOU KNOW? All of our manicure and pedicure services are soakless, using fluffy, warm steamed towels instead of soaking in water. This is safer & healthier for you, plus it helps prolong polish wear.


Prices shown are in addition to the cost of a manicure or pedicure service, and cannot be booked without manicure or pedicure service.



Add IBX strengthening & repair treatment resulting in immediate and visible natural nail restoration to any service. Nail split repairs are performed with a gel overlay that is designed to grow out with the natural nail. Prices shown are in addition to the cost of a manicure or pedicure service.

  • +$20 IBX Strengthen & Repair Treatment (all nails) – 20 minutes
  • +$10 Nail Split Repair (per nail) - 10 minutes


Complimentary Regular & Ultra Polish Removal is included in any service at no additional cost. Soak off gel removal is charged according to time and material required to remove the coating. Please note we do not perform Dip Powder, Hard Gel, Acrylic or Enhancement Removal.

  • +$10 Soak Off Gel Removal (with any service)
  • +$20 Soak Off Gel Removal (without another service)


All nail artists have their own unique style, so we recommend you have an idea of what you want when you book so we may match with the best nail artist suited for the style of nail art you are interested in. We encourage you to add notes to your appointment about what you are looking for! All prices are based according to time required and level of difficulty. Please note that we do not offer nail art services with ultra polish at this time, and only french, reverse french or half moon with regular polish.



French, reverse french and half-moon mani's now available to book online! Prices start at $70+ for gel and $50+ for regular polish. All prices are based according to time required and level of difficulty.



Our most popular nail art request is now bookable online! Essential Manicure with LED cured gel color of your choice with foil transfers for a little touch of bling. Choose from a variety of foil colors to customize your look. Prices starting at $70



Please call us to book hand painted custom nail art. We recommend checking out our Instagram @ilovelacquer and calling us at (512) 476-1211 to book. Our guest services team will help match you with the best nail artist for the design you are interested in. If you choose to book online, you must book the maximum service time until we know your design choice. Price includes gel manicure + one hour of nail art $130

  • gel

  • This is a nail coating that “dries” by being cured under an LED lamp specifically designed to cure that particular brand of gel. Gel chemistry is very complex, so be sure you are getting a gel lamp that matches the brand of the gel polish. If not, you risk improperly curing the product. Many salons are not aware of this, so please take care. Gel polish is removed by wrapping the nail in acetone soaked cotton for 10-15 minutes. We offer a no chip guarantee for 7 days.
  • ultra polish
  • NEW TO LACQUER! Ultra polish is unlike any other polish you’ve used. It’s a one of a kind, non-toxic formula, created by a female chemist in the USA, that lasts up to two weeks. It's a hypoallergenic, non-toxic, vegan polish that lasts up to two weeks. This isn't a hybrid polish like some other brands you've grown to love, this is different - it dries COMPLETELY in 5 minutes! That means you can put your shoes back on or reach into your pockets without the fear of messing up a nail...only 5 minutes after the topcoat is applied.

    Each coat of ultra polish is applied like regular polish, however each layer must dry to a matte finish before the next is applied. The top coat takes 5 minutes to dry completely to the touch. And to remove there is no soaking off! Just remove like regular polish.

  • Depending on how you care for your nails, it can wear for up to two weeks (longer for some). We offer a no chip guarantee for 7 days.

  • NOTE: If you are looking for a nail coating that is more rigid and durable, like gel, this is not for you. The consistency and texture of this nail coating is like regular polish. This is a great option for those wanting to take a break from gel or just want something longer lasting. The main benefits of this polish are it's dry time (no chance of smudging) and the length of wear.
  • regular polish
  • The nail polish you know and love. We consider all of the polishes on our wall regular polish, including hybrid polishes that claim to last longer. All regular polish takes time to dry and we do not offer guarantees on length of wear.
  • buff
  • Instead of nail polish, your nails are buffed to a glossy shine with a one-time use buffer. The buffer is yours to keep if you like!
  • naked
  • Choose this option if you would like your nails left natural with no finish.


We offer a 7 day no-chip guarantee on all gel and ultra polish finishes (we do not guarantee regular polish). Contact us & email us photos within 7 days and we will schedule your complimentary redo. (512) 345-3480 or email

Services are final sale and non-refundable. Read our cancellation & refund policy.