What should I expect with my pedicure?

Because we are Safe Salon Certified, we will adjust our services based on individual needs in order to perform healthful and safe foot care. Here are some useful tips before any pedicure:

  • Don't shave your legs at least 24 hours prior to a pedicure. Accidental cuts and scrapes can make your skin sensitive, and expose you to unwanted irritants.
  • If you have a diagnosed contagious condition (like fungus, athletes foot or warts) we will not be able to perform a pedicure for your safety as well as the safety of our staff and other customers.
  • If you have a diagnosed medical condition or are under the care of a doctor, you may want to ask your doctor if it's ok to get a pedicure. Some conditions restrict soaking of the feet (in most cases we can do a luxurious soakless pedicure that has an extended massage).

Our level of care and safety is a step above what is required by the State of Texas. We care about your health and providing the best service, tailored to your needs, in a safe and clean environment.

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