What should I expect with my pedicure?

Because we are Safe Salon Certified, we will adjust our services based on individual needs in order to perform healthful and safe foot care. Here are some useful tips before any pedicure:

  • Don't shave your legs at least 24 hours prior to a pedicure. Accidental cuts and scrapes can make your skin sensitive, and expose you to unwanted irritants.
  • If you have a diagnosed contagious condition (like fungus, athletes foot or warts) we will not be able to perform a pedicure for your safety as well as the safety of our staff and other customers.
  • If you have a diagnosed medical condition or are under the care of a doctor, you may want to ask your doctor if it's ok to get a pedicure. Some conditions restrict soaking of the feet (in most cases we can do a luxurious soakless pedicure that has an extended massage).

Our level of care and safety is a step above what is required by the State of Texas. We care about your health and providing the best service, tailored to your needs, in a safe and clean environment.

What should I expect with my gel or Shellac manicure?

Gel/Shellac manis are so great because they stay shiny and can last up to 14 days without chipping. However, everyone's nails are different and customers may experience different wear time based on the condition of your nails and the activities you do with your hands. Some customers get up to three weeks of wear, while others only 7 days.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your gel/Shellac mani:

  • Apply cuticle oil to your cuticles at night before bed, this helps the elasticity of the skin/nail and makes your manicure last longer (yes, really!). We love keeping a Dadi' Oil mini on our nightstand and applying before bed.
  • Don't keep your nails too short - if you bite your nails or have them REALLY short, then gel manis may not be for you. It's difficult to cap the free edge of the nail to make the manicure last longer, and you might see chipping quickly.
  • Let your manicurist know how you like your color, shaping and application. If there is something you are not satisfied with, it's so much better if you let your technician know right away rather than leaving unhappy. Gel manis are too expensive not to be completely satisfied with the result!

Do you take walk-ins?

We manage our day by appointment to ensure we are able to service our guests without long wait times. If you walk-in or call ahead we'd be happy to book an appointment for you same-day if we have availability. We can often accommodate walk-ins, so don't be afraid to stop by or give us a call to see if we can take you in immediately.

What is required to make an appointment?

As of March 20, 2016 we keep a credit card on file for all customers - this is used to hold your appointment and is only charged either when you check out after your service (unless you choose to pay in cash) or if you late cancel or don't show up (no-show) to your appointment . Late cancellations are any cancellations within 4 hours of your scheduled appointment time. We accept appointments online and over the phone.

How do I make an appointment for a group?

If your group is 4 people or less, you can call us or book online. If you have 5 or more people in your group, please email us and we will send you our group booking agreement. For groups of 5 or more, we require a 20% deposit on services booked.

What is your cancellation policy?

We kindly ask you give us at least 4 hours notice if you cannot make your appointment. We understand things happen and we hope you understand we need ample notice so we can fill your slot with another appointment or accommodate someone on our waiting list. It's good karma!

Cancellations within 4 hours of your scheduled appointment will be charged 50% of the service(s) booked.

No shows will be charged 100% of the service(s) booked - don't be a no show!

Please note we have a different cancellation policy for groups of 5 or more, which can be found in the group event agreement.

What is your late arrival policy?

We kindly ask all of our guests to arrive 5 minutes before their scheduled appointment time to choose a color, get something to drink, pick out a magazine and get settled before the scheduled appointment time. We understand sometimes everyone runs late, so we allow a 10 minute grace period. Depending on how late you are, we may have to shorten your service time in order to stay on schedule for the rest of our appointments for the day.

If you are more than 10 minutes late we may have to cancel or reschedule your appointment and in that case, our late cancellation fee or no-show fee will apply.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) and cash. We offer e-receipts for customers that require a receipt.

What is your refund policy?

Gift card purchases and services performed are final sales and not eligible for a refund.

Retail products may be returned within 10 days of purchase (product must be unopened and unused).

Any client who feels the LACQUER staff has not met their expectations must return to the same LACQUER salon within 24 hours for an accurate evaluation by management of the problem. If the service did not meet LACQUER's standards, a redo will be offered.

Where do I park?

  • Downtown location: Parking is surprisingly easy for Downtown! We offer 2 hour validation at two different garages downtown, Monday-Friday. Read more on our parking + directions page.
  • North location: You can find plentiful surface parking at our North location in front of and behind the salon.

LACQUER is proud to be a socially conscious nail salon.

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